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SAA, others launch MyDCCool


As part of plans to enhance tourism to Washington DC, the official destination marketing organization for Washington DC, in collaboration with South African Airways and Dulles International Airport has launched a campaign dubbed “MyDCCool”.

The campaign, is aimed at exhibiting the culture, tourism and activities that Washington DC has and why they believe Ghanaians and Africans at large must take advantage of it.

In a presentation to some journalists during the launch of the campaign, President and CEO of Destination DC Elliott L. Ferguson, showcased some highly patronized tourist sites in Washington.

According to Mr Ferguson, the campaign name ‘MyDC Cool’ came about as a result of the satisfaction tourists have anytime they visited Washington DC, describing it as a cool place.

Mr Ferguson also revealed that Washington DC had invested an amount of 11.8 million dollars in tourists sites and in 2016 alone had about twenty two million tourists visiting the city.

He again cited many edifices including museums and theatres many tourists would love to visit.

Mr. pointed out a trip to the museum “fun and sexy” which he said is free.

The museum according to him, is an abode, not just for American history, but a great resource for world history as well.

Mr. Ferguson also mentioned the “Museum of the Bible”, which is expected to open next month in DC. It will showcase the rich Jewish history and impact of the Bible.

He showed places of class and pageantry, including the National Mall, the Capitol Building, the Cathedral and other interesting activities waiting for potential tourists from Ghana and Africa.

Security Measures

In wake of  attacks that have been hitting tourist sites and with particular reference to the Las Vegas gun attack which claimed over 50 lives and injured at least 500 people , Mr Ferguson said it is important for tourists to take their personal security seriously and also assured that security is readily available at most tourist sites.

He also assured that City authorities at Washington DC have security as a top priority as well.

South African  Airlines has been running a non-stop Accra Washington flight.


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