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Lands Commission takes over compensation of land owners at Bui

Bui spill

The Bui Power Authority (BPA) has told Citi Business News it is working closely with the Lands Commission to settle all owners of lands whose properties were used in the construction of the reservoir for the power generation facility.

The CEO of Bui Power Authority, Mr. Fred Oware however maintains that the payment of compensation is expected to commence when the power company concludes all the necessary documentation on the affected lands.

The construction of the hydro power generation dam at Bui led to the resettlement of families and communities which were situated within the area of operation.

Mr. Oware would not readily disclose when the processes would be completed but he is anticipating it will be soon.

“The farms, the social work or any other type of work that the occupants were doing have all been settled. With respect to the housing and accommodation which were taken away as a result of the reservoir have all been replaced. But the land itself as not been paid for…those are lands that we would have to deal with either chiefs or families or custodial owners,” he stated.

The BPA boss further added that the collaboration with the Lands Commission should avert any further issues associated with documentation,

“These are matters that we will be handling under the guidance of the Lands Commission; it is not something that we will like to go on our own to settle people on our own. The evaluation and payments would have to be carried out by the Lands Commission.”

Affected families and individuals have since 2008 been given various compensation packages to cater for losses.

For instance, resettlement grant of 100 cedis was paid to each member of the community that was affected.

Also, 50 cedis was paid in farm grant for the tilling of new farms while a temporary income support of 100 cedis was paid to each household for a period of one year.

Meanwhile on January 11, 2018, the Bui Power Authority presented documents on all lands and housing units to about one hundred and eighty families that were affected as a result of the construction of the dam.

By: Pius Amihere Eduku/

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