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New 2nd Deputy Governor’s appointment apt – Economist


Economist Adu Sarkodie has described the appointment of the new Second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Mrs. Elsie Awadzie as strategic.

According to him, her experience as a senior counsel of the IMF’s Legal Department will help the country become financially disciplined.

Mrs. Elsie Awadzie replaces Dr. Johnson Asiamah who resigned on January 5, 2018.

Mrs Awadzie is an international economic and financial lawyer with a total of 21 years of professional experience working in various capacities in Ghana and outside.

She also brings to bear her experience in financial sector development and regulation as well as financial stability assessments.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Mr Adu Sarkodie expressed optimism that Mrs Awadzie would help grow the country’s financial sector.

“Generally speaking, it is in the right direction that the President will appoint somebody who is very competent, somebody who has some experience in economic management”, he said.

He added Mrs Awadzie will not have to spend much time learning on the job before being able to apply herself but with her experience will be able to immediately tackle issues on the ground,

“Actually there’s a big difference between what is learnt in the classroom which is the theory and then the practical; so if you employ somebody who is totally with theoretical background, then you need to train that person for some time but if you already have somebody who has some empirical experience, somebody who has worked on the field before it will be much easier to go along with such a person”.

Mr Sarkodie said it is crucial for government to appoint competent people capable of managing the affairs of the economy if it wants to be successful, “Every government needs a competent group everybody needs somebody who will be committed to their job.”

By: Anita Arthur/

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