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Tunisia: Funds Worth 35 Billion Dinars Allocated to Road Network


The estimated funds allocated to the construction and development of roads throughout the territory have reached in the last three development plans about 35 billion dinars, Equipment, Housing and Spatial Planning Minister Mohamed Salah Arfawi.

The latter pointed out in this regard, that the cost of the road network is estimated at 4.5 billion dinars by 2030 and the same amount for highways.

Arfawi added that budgets devoted to the structured roads of big cities are worth 4 billion dinars, whereas the cost of development and modernisation of the road network is estimated at 8 billion dinars. Paving roads requires 6 billion dinars and a sum of 3.5 billion dinars is required for paving rural roads.

The Tunis-Jelma-Busalem-Jenduba motorway and the Kef highway are included in the 13th development plan. The highways planned for 2030 are Busalem-the Algerian borders and Jelma-Gafsa.

In addition, 742 km of roads are also under achievement as part of the 13th development plan. Several classified routes will be developed within this framework and 80 km of roads will be built in the 1st half of 2018.

As for interchanges, 13 are in progress, in addition to the construction of 44 km of roads. It has also been scheduled to build 28 km in the 1st half of 2018 as part of the structured routes of the big cities.

The minister indicated that 138 km of motorways are currently underway and another 100 km are planned for the 1st half of this year. The network of classified roads comprises 19,650 km, 80% of which are paved, while the length of the network of rural tracks is 52,000 km including 21,000 km which are asphalted.

Credit: All Africa

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