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Newmont, others fined $ 2.7m over Ahafo mines accident


A committee set up by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to investigate the Ahafo Mines accident which left six people dead and four others injured has directed that Newmont Ghana Gold Limited be fined US$500,000 for negligence.

The company will also been fined US$10,000 for failing to ensure that DRA Company Limited, the company it contracted to supervise the expansion work at the mines had the requisite permit to operate.

Consar Limited, the construction company the victims worked for will also be paying US$200,000 for failing to ensure the safety of its workers.

While DRA Ghana limited, the company which supervised the construction company will also be US$2 million for operating illegally.

The accident occurred when an attempt to pour a mixture of concrete into a Reclaim Tunnel failed.

The victims were all contract workers of Consar Limited.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources then set up a committee to investigate the incident.

After five weeks, the committee’s report has revealed that Newmont Ghana limited failed to ensure that DRA the company it contracted to undertake the expansion works, did not have the permit to undertake Mining Services Operation and has since been fined.

Newmont will therefore be charged US$10,000 for negligence andan additional US$200 for each day that DRA Ghana Limited operated without the permit.

The committee again advised that DRA Ghana Limited be suspended from undertaking any mining works in Ghana and the company should be fined US$10,000 for operating illegally and an additional US$ 200 for each day it worked.

The committee also advised that the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources direct Newmont Ghana Limited to suspend any contract it has with DRA Ghana Limited with immediate effect.

Newmont Ghana has also been directed to compensate the fatally wounded employees and families of the dead.

Mr. Osei Owusu Adansi, the Supervisor of Consar Limited shall also be dismissed from working as a supervisor at the A.M.E. Project site, for not ensuring the safety of his workmen.

DRA Ghana Limited will also be dismissed from undertaking any construction project management on any mining site in Ghana for their blunt disregard for safety.

By: Nana Oye Ankrah/

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