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ACCA tasks UGBS to update syllabus

Head of the East and West Africa of ACCA, Mr. Norman Williams
Head of the East and West Africa of ACCA, Mr. Norman Williams

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has tasked the University of Ghana Business School(UGBS) to update its current syllabus to meet the modern training modules it has recently rolled out.

According to the ACCA, such a move is critical to enable Ghana keep up with global accounting standards, as well as help propel the nation unto the path of growth, to accelerate Ghana’s ambition of moving into a middle-income status in the near future.
Speaking to Citi Business News at the launch of the University of Ghana Business School and Association of Chartered Accountants Resource Centre, Head of the East and West Africa of ACCA, Mr. Norman Williams said the students should take advantage of training modules that have been put in place by the ACCAA.

He also appealed to the management of the University’s Business School to update its syllabus to keep up with the new training modules it has.

“We will install training modules of certain accounting packages so that students can have practical training before they go out into the job market”.

He also encouraged the lecturers to use the training modules to enrich their knowledge, “Lectures and faculty members can also use that same training modules to build their own capacity as they teach the students”.

He added, “so the Head of Department and the Dean, I will urge you to update your syllabus with these practical training and accounting packages and things like that”.

Talking about the partnership between the University of Ghana Business School and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Mr. Williams called for strong collaborations between the two entities.

“From a partnership point of view I believe that this is the way to go because UGBS and ACCA as a global organization has mutual strengths and I believe that one of the ways to harness these strengths is showcase initiatives of this nature so that together we can begin to support educational institutions”.

Mr. Williams explained that the resource center was established purposely to help train accountants and relevant accounting modules to help them properly examine the financial records of companies.

“So we established this resource center to help train accountants and produce employable people so we looked at a number of critical areas and we realized that finance and accounting was key because of our own mandate in the market to help produce finance professional to support the economic development of Ghana.”

The resource center has a fully furbished library with all the current ACCA books and research material a conference room and a digital ICT Centre.

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