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Privacy issues delaying implementation of CMP—Vodafone CEO

yolanda telco

The CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba, has disclosed that the dissatisfaction of telcos on the privacy of customers has contributed to the delay in the implementation of the Common Monitoring Platform(CMP). Madam Cuba explained that her outfit has connected its systems but is still awaiting completion of all privacy concerns which is being worked at together with the National ...

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Airtel Tigo’s new CEO prioritises innovative customer service

AirtelTigo CEO - Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi

The newly appointed CEO of AirtelTigo, Ms Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi has started her new role at the company. She commenced her work on Monday, June 25, 2018. A statement from AirtelTigo said Ms Ng’ambi on her first day at work, addressed staff during a town hall meeting at the company’s headquarters. “Colleagues, I’m extremely excited to be joining AirtelTigo. For ...

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Banks, telcos panic over social media companies offering financial services


Some financial observers in Ghana are beginning to panic over the possible participation of social media companies in the financial service space. According to the Mobile Financial Services Manager at Vodafone Ghana, Carl Ashie, the financial strength and influence of social media giants like Facebook and Whatsapp make them a credible threat to current providers of financial services across the world. Facebook and Google ...

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MTN freezes account of ponzi scheme over GH¢11m default

General Manager of Mobile Financial Services at MTN Ghana, Eli Hini

The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) is expected to direct MTN on how it could disburse about eleven million cedis (GH¢11,000,000) to customers whose monies have been locked up in the company’s mobile money services. About thirty thousand (30,000) customers have had their monies locked up after being lured into a ponzi scheme operated by Savanna Brokerage Investment. MTN has since ...

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Selorm Adadevoh is MTN Ghana new CEO

Selorm Adadevoh - MTN Ghana CEO

MTN has appointed Mr. Selorm Adadevoh as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MTN Ghana. He takes over from Ebenezer Asante who is now the Vice President of the MTN Group. Mr. Adadevoh’s appointment is to take effect on Wednesday, June 20, 2018. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Adadevor was the CEO of Digicel and based in Haiti, which ...

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AirtelTigo fortunes least affected by CEO’s exit

Airtel Tigo

Telecom Analyst, Fouad Chaalabi has told Citi Business News he does not expect the resignation of the CEO of AirtelTigo, RoshiMotman, to negatively affect the fortunes of the company going forward. According to him, the systems and international standards of the parent companies of both Airtel and Tigo will ensure that the merged entity thrives even in the absence of ...

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AirtelTigo CEO, Roshi Motman quits

Roshi Motman - Outgoing CEO, AirtelTigo

AirtelTigo has announced that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Roshi Motman has decided to leave the company to pursue new opportunities. The company said CEO of Tigo Senegal, Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi would replace Ms Motman. Ms. Motman has enjoyed considerable successes during her time with first Tigo Ghana and subsequently AirtelTigo. Having joined Tigo Ghana in 2014, she steered the ...

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Low internet penetration in Africa due to lack of terrestrial fibre


Experts at the Africa Session of the International Telecoms Week conference in Chicago have described terrestrial fibre constraints as the mother of all bottlenecks hindering increased Internet penetration on the continent. During his presentation on the theme “Enabling Content on the African Continent”, Chief Executive Officer of research firm, Xalam Analytics, Guy Zibi analyzed the African digital journey, highlighting dramatic ...

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BoG sanitizes fintech industry with new laws


The Bank of Ghana says it will strictly enforce the yet to be passed Payment Systems to sanitize the financial sector. The central bank has bemoaned what it says is the proliferation of fintechs in Ghana’s financial system. Currently, there are seventy-one fintechs providing solutions to businesses and individuals. Following the impact of cyber fraud with the rise in the ...

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KelniGVG deal: Telcos left in limbo due to lawsuit

Ken Ashigbey

Telecommunications companies yet to connect to the Common Monitoring Platform operated by Kelni GVG are in limbo due to a suit brought against the Ministry of Communications. Two individuals, Sara Asafu-Adjaye and Maximus Amertogoh have filed a case against the government calling for the Kelni GVG deal with the Ministry of Communications to be cancelled. Prior to the suit, the ...

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